HDi-250-Mil Series



Customized at the request of the US Navy as a secure way to make DVD-Video discs.
This is the same as the standard HDi-250 with the following changes:


  • Standard 5.25" DVDRW Drive
  • No HDD
  • No Network
  • Extra RAM.  

Files are recorded to RAM or to Removable Optical Disc.
Make a DVD with 3-button presses.
Files in RAM disappear when power is off.


Again, customized for a government agency.
Replaces the standard 500GB Hard Drive with a robust 500GB Solid State Drive.

Removable Drives
Standard DVDRW drive can be replaced by
Front-access Removable Hard drive and Slim DVDRW drive,
Slim-slot drive available.

Other drive combinations and capacities on request.



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