AMX DVD / Crestron DVD Control

Control is built-in!
The BCD HDi was designed to be controlled. 

Why choose an HDi-250 ?
IR is one-way. 
                 BCD's STAT and MODE commands tell you what is really happening.

Reliability:  Some DVD RS-232 interfaces "go to sleep" after a while and need rebooting.
                    RS-232  and USB Serial are the HDi-250's  primary methods of control.


How hard is it to program?

See our Basic Commands section.  All commands are 4 characters of English mnemonics, terminated by a Carriage Return.  'PLAY' means PLAY.

The RS-232 multiple recorder control architecture permits standard Crestron & AMX systems to control up to 100 machines... from a single serial port!

(Note: Crestron created a Crestron Integrated Partner Module in mid 2008.  It's pretty old and may not be compatible with current firmware.  Please check with Crestron.... or more efficiently, send the commands directly: STOP, PLAY, etc.) 

    Crestron Controllers support the DVD-1150

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