DVD-1150 Control I/O

The DVD-1150 Industrial DVD Recorder has several control methods: RS-232, USB, Front Panel, and optional Web Server.


BCD DVD-1150 Indurtrial DVD Recorder with control via RS-232, USB & optional web server 

DVD-1150 Rear Control Connectors


Connectors & Functions:

Serial In/Serial Out:

Dual DB-9

Daisy-Chain for Multi-Machine Control
Programmable Baud Rates 9600-115,000
8 Data bits, 1 Stop Bit, No Parity, No Handshaking/Flow Control
Update Control System



Serial Control Via USB
Windows HyperTerminal requires Virtual Termnal driver
Same serial parameters as  RS-232


Lan Control

RJ-45 Connector
Requires optional web server module
On-board Webserver w/DHCP
Transport Commands: Stop, Play, Paus, Record, Titl, Up/Down/Left/Right



1-3 Reserved
4 Up for reprogramming Control System 

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