"How to Finalize a DVD"
(Hold REC, Touch STOP, Release, Touch ENTER)

It's true.  We prefer "+RW" discs because they do not require Finalization.  You just Record, Stop, Eject, and play in another machine.  Period.   Further, recent changes in DVDR drives prohibit the DVD-1150 from properly finalizing a disc.

As of September 2916,
the DVD-1150 does not finalize "+R" discs.


This section describe finalizing with older drives.
Some situations, however, require permanence and Finalization of the "+R disc before it will play in another machine.   Finalizing can take as long as 5 minutes, and other machines can make you drill through multiple menus just to get there: Up, Enter, Down, Down, Down, Enter, Right, Enter, OK.  Whew!

DVD Transport Buttons showing links for Record and Finalize
Finalization with the DVD-1150 is easy.

With RS-232, just issue the FINL command.
With front panel buttons, just hold REC, touch STOP, release, touch ENTER.

   The Finalize Display counts down to zero to tell you when Finalizing is finished.We even included a countdown on the front display to let you know how long it will be.



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