Buttons & Panels

It's easy for us to say "Just connect your own buttons, put them in a panel..." but not everyone wants to or can do that. Let us offer some help with your installation.
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Illumniated if you like. Our favorites have black surrounds, clear plastic top, with a transluscent insert that we can provide in colors.

Electrically, our buttons are just like any other. Momentary contact, Normally Open, Single Pole, Single Throw. Physically they're tough, arcade-style buttons able to take a beating by thousands of fingers.

Button Colors
Some buttons are all solid-color plastic. The solid colored buttons are primary: red, blue, white, yellow, and green.

The Triangles, Squares, Small Round and Medium Round have clear plastic over a white piece. Frequently we'll just use colored paper or ink-jet white letters on a colored background to put under the clear plastic.

Digital Video Players

Smaller than a cigar box (remember those?)
Even the most basic model has

  • HDMI Out
  • VGA Out
  • Analog Composite, Component, S-Video out
  • Analog Stereo out
  • GPIO connector for up to 8 pushbuttons

  HD-120 Front - 15-pin GPIO Connector


Left - SDXC Card Slot & Status LEDs

Right - 3.5mm Stereo Audio & Special GPIO

Rear: Connectors VGA/Analog Video, HDMI, Power


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