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HDi-250 Industrial Rack Mount Video/DVD Recorder


HDi 04

Select MP4 or MPEG-2, Removable Hard Drive, Slot-Load Burner, Make DVD-Video discs or copy files to DVD.  Adjustable Time Stamp, Network accessible video files. Learn more about the HDi-250 Industrial DVR w/Removable HDD...

Industrial Rack Mount DVD Recorder

  BCD DVD-1150 Rackmount DVD Recorder, RS232 Control




BCD DVD-1150
Industrial DVD Recorder - RS-232 Digital Video Recorder/DVR - 1U Rack Mount, Available with Hard Disk Drive

...more DVD-1150 RS-232 DVD Recorder

Buttons & Panels

It's easy for us to say "Just connect your own buttons, put them in a panel..." but not everyone wants to or can do that. Let us offer some help with your installation.
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Illumniated if you like. Our favorites have black surrounds, clear plastic top, with a transluscent insert that we can provide in colors.

Electrically, our buttons are just like any other. Momentary contact, Normally Open, Single Pole, Single Throw. Physically they're tough, arcade-style buttons able to take a beating by thousands of fingers.


Button Panels
Custom Button Panels for BCD Controllers (and Pioneer DVD-7400 Players


And Colors !





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All panels are custom-made, special order. 
For a quotation, please provide size Height x Width, number and style of buttons, rounded edges or square edges, subsurface printing or no printing.  Buttons and Panels are priced separately.
We use quality acrylic plastic and precision laser cutting for exact dimensions and precise fit of the buttons. Panel Sizes up to 24"x36". The one on the left is about 10x10 which is the smallest practical size using these 1-inch buttons.

The acrylic (like Plexiglas?) is available in many colors. Let us know your color preference and we'll do our best to get it.

On the left is our Standard 10" 5-button Navigation Panel.
In the middle is a custom 12-button rack-mount panel used by a client to cue-up 3 machines during a theatre/media performance.
On the right is a custom vertical 2-button panel with subsurface lettering and rounded edges for surface mounting.

We prefer the Triangle and Round ones, but that's just our choice. We offer several styles including solid colors like you would find on arcade game machines. Please call us for details on other styles: small, square....
  • Triangles:
    1.5" on each side (outside black part)
    1 3/8" (1.375") on each side (inside white part)
    Total Depth: 2.88"
    Triangular Hole Size for flush mounting: 1.5"
    Round Hole size for raised mounting: 1"
  • Medium Round
    Outside Diameter - Black Part: 1 7/16" (1.43")
    Outide Diameter - White Part: 1" approx.
    Round Hole for Raised Mounting: 7/8" (.975")
Button Colors
Some buttons are all solid-color plastic. The solid colored buttons are primary: red, blue, white, yellow, and green.

The Triangles, Squares, Small Round and Medium Round have clear plastic over a white piece. Frequently we'll just use colored paper or ink-jet white letters on a colored background to put under the clear plastic.


You CAN take it with you!

HDi DVD 04a Discs

Yes, you CAN take it with you.  Slot-load DVD drive for easy operation.  Removiable hard drive for absolute security. No other professional DVR or DVD recorder gives you both convenience and security.Slot-load prevents damage from accidental clumsiness.

Solid State Exhibit Video

  Solid State Video Players for Exhibits

Solid State Video Players
perfect for interactive pushbutton video exhibits... DVD quality(SD) or HD !
They run forever, require no maintenance, easy to update.  Several models including networked for remote update.

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